Best Binance Futures Signals Groups on Telegram

Best Binance Futures Signals Groups on Telegram

Launched in 2020, Binance Futures is a new offering from one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance, that allows users to trade multiple cryptocurrencies with leverage. Binance Futures can be thought of as being very much the same as other leverage exchange BitMex, however, it supports significantly more trading pairs which presents an incredible trading opportunity.

With the emergence of the Binance Futures trading platform, you’re also seeing the emergence of Binance Futures Signals groups. These are groups run by expert traders who have the sole responsibility of finding great trades and releasing them to their members such that they can make a return. If you find the correct Binance futures signals group, then there exists a very real possibility of being able to generate consistent and profitable income for yourself.

That’s why in this article, we’ll be walking you through the best Binance Futures Signals groups on Telegram. As it is a new trading platform, there aren’t that many high-quality groups out there currently, however, this list will be continually updated as they gradually emerge.

Before we jump into the list, we want to quickly explain what exactly Binance Futures signals are and what they may look like.

Binance Futures Signals

Signal groups predominantly operate in telegram groups with thousands of members. When the signal provider is ready to issue a trade, they’ll send out a notification that looks like this:

Binance Futures Signals - Signal

The call in this example are for people who trade on Binance. The call tells you, what cryptocurrency to buy, whether to go long or short, along with the take profit targets, stop loss target and leverage amount.

If you have a good crypto signal provider that knows what they’re doing, then you should hopefully make an excellent return:

Binance Futures Signals - Profit

Now that you understand what crypto signals are and how subscribing to one can be incredibly lucrative, let’s get into our list on the best Binance Futures signals providers on Telegram.

1. MYC Signals (@MYC Signals)

When it comes to producing Binance Futures Signals, MYC Signals is by far one of the highest quality groups in the cryptocurrency space. With a focus on only covering cryptos with high liquidity, the group strives for consistent returns above all else. This creates an important level of trust between the group and its members because they can be rest assured that major losses won’t happen, but instead consistent returns are the goal.

They’ve been doing this for a long time as they also provide signals for BitMex – this level of industry expertise is unique and is rare in the space. If you want to join their group and begin your journey of generating income from their Binance Futures signals, then here’s how you can get started with them:

1) If you have telegram then be sure to reach out to the admin, @MYCSupportBot, as well as to join their free crypto signal group, MYC Signals. Alternatively, if you don’t have Telegram, feel free to contact them via email: and they’ll walk you through how to get started.

2) They offer their premium channel: Binance Futures Signals VIP for you to join. The membership can be paid via any cryptocurrency of your choice or via card over at their payments page.

3) Once you’re all signed up and you’re a premium member, they’ll work with you to make sure you can follow their signals as easily as possible, as well as to solve any problems you may have. They tout 24/7 customer service so regardless of which time zone you live in, you can be sure that you’ll get a prompt response.

2. Binance Futures Signals

If you couldn’t tell from the name, Binance Futures Signals provides well… Binance Futures Signals! They’re one of the more established providers and can be thought of as being a reliable source from which to receive signals.

They have a free and paid group so you’ll be able to test the quality of the group by first receiving their free signals. If you like the results, then all you have to do is message the admin of the group who will then walk you through the necessary steps of joining the paid group.

In terms of frequency of signals, they advertise sending 1-2 signals for the free group and 2-5 for the paid group. However, frequency of signals isn’t everything. Sending several signals per day and actually be a bad thing as this can lead to over-trading and produce poor results. As a result, we suggest only following one of the signals and see how that performs before following any others.


You may be confused and surprised that there are only two groups on this list! As we mentioned earlier, Binance Futures is a new platform and as a result there are few high-quality Binance Futures Signals providers. Even though other groups do exist, they don’t seem trustworthy which is why we’ve stuck to the best two for now in: MYC Signals and Binance Futures Signals. But this list will be continually updated when any additional good groups do appear.

But this wraps up our list of the best Binance Futures signals providers currently in the cryptocurrency space. If you’re able to pick a good group, then there does exist the possibility of generating an additional income from Binance futures signals.