Top 11 Forex Group Chats

Top 11 Forex Group Chats

If you're a forex trader, a group chat can help you refine your strategies by putting you in contact with top traders. You can share your view on the market and receive feedback from others. You can do sentiment analysis, sanity-checking, or even just joke around and have a good time with your fellow forex traders. Whatever kind of trader you are, there'll be a perfect group chat for you. Let's have a peek inside the top 11 forex group chats.

Forex Group Chats

Benefits of Forex Group Chats

Forex group chats have the following benefits for traders:

  • Communication: The ability to communicate with other like-minded people has a powerful effect on developing one’s trading skills.
  • Sharing Ideas: Traders can share their trading ideas. It provides an insight into the actual market sentiment.
  • Faster learning: Beginners can get the most out of the forex group chat as they are communicating with professionals. It can vastly speed up the rate at which they learn key concepts.
  • Identifying errors: Others can help improve one’s trading by looking at their positions and identifying mistakes.

MYC Signals Forex & Commodities

MYC or Mycryptopedia offers some of the best guidance on trading. Various top quality articles on their website help any beginner, amateur, and professional to get a step ahead in the market. Their Telegram group, which has more than 10,000 members, covers all their live trades and provides up to date information on the financial industry. is run by professionals at MYC for traders to share their ideas, discuss market news, and meet like-minded fellows. Anyone can join the conversation no matter which currency pair they trade and give out their opinion. Pro traders also send out their trades that make up for easy gains in anyone’s portfolio.

Forex Group Chats

The platform has all the useful widgets such as FX calendar, live streaming Twitter feed (with voice), charts, News flash, FX calculator, heat map, Tetris, indices, live streaming, and integration with your favorite broker to top up your trading game. The discussion is free to join, and premium signals cost only $9.99 a month. Experts at Mycryptopedia have created one of the best forex group chats with exceptional services for traders of all experience levels.


  • Many useful widgets that are not available on any other group chat.
  • The ability to discover and create a team is amazing.
  • A super active trading room that has excellent participation.
  • Free and premium signals to help beginners get on their feet.


  • Can be unclear that liveforexchatroom and MYC are related, so can be difficult to find.

 Warrior Trading

Warrior trading has stood out for many years for providing excellent coaching services for newbies and amateurs alike. You’ll have to purchase one of their two trading packages, either warrior starter or warrior pro to join the group chat.

They have excellent reviews on various platforms. Ross and Mike are the mentors who cover everything and answer the questions asked by traders. To encourage members to participate, they have various badges based on achievements, activity, and membership.

Traders can see the screens of mentors as they communicate with others. All the critical alerts, announcements, and education materials are available in the warriors’ chat room. Blending pro traders with beginners is fruitful for developing their market skills and nurturing the abilities of newer traders.


  • Direct support from trading mentors.
  • Two different rooms are available, each with its unique strategies.
  • Badges are available to encourage you to learn more and improve your skills.


  • You have to buy expensive trading courses to join the chat room.
  • The strategies and discussions are more catered towards the stock market.

Investors Underground

Investors underground are noted for their reputation and can be seen on many top websites such as CNBC, Nasdaq, USA Today, and Bloomberg. Many thousands of active traders participate and share their ideas daily.

The room has three main parts: momentum, swing trading, and penny stocks, to accommodate anyone with a different trading style. Access to chat rooms, the underground community, and educational resources are available under various affordable pricing options that start from as low as $297 a month.


  • A massive collection of educational material is available with a subscription to chat room.
  • Mentorship program with experienced traders.
  • Different packages cover everyone, even those with a low budget, to participate and learn.


  • No demo services to test out the chat room before joining.
  • No refunds on subscription.

Benzinga Pro

Benzinga pro gives an excellent opportunity for you to level up your game through the chat room. The discussion group is for everyone, whether they are starting or are already a pro, and has the best platform to discuss ideas, share news, and help others.

Several channels divide the groups, including the main chat room, community support, and more. One can even comment on the pre-market show and ask questions to top traders. The service providers pride themselves on offering all the pre-market research, so no scanning is needed on your behalf.

Benzinga Pro provides a free trial before you purchase any of their products.


  • Free demo.
  • Excellent management of the chat group.
  • The chat room comes with various other facilities consisting of calendar tools and analyst ratings.


  • Trading talks are mostly limited to the stock market.
  • The platform may look a little dated.


HaiKhuu's trading chat room is on discord, which has a whopping count of nearly 20,000 members. The discussions are all under observation by several mentors who have many years of experience in the financial industry. Motivation is readily available in the community profit/loss section of the group as traders share their stories and daily gains.

To ensure that the chat stays clean with such a vast community, the admins have a separate section to report spammers. The trading floor, options, and crypto chat are available to share any ideas, news, questions, and answers. A few fun rooms, such as stock memes, break room, car showroom, and more, are there to take your mind of the markets and help you relax.


  • Many sub-sections within the initial chat room to discuss each aspect of trading.
  • The service is entirely free to join.
  • A large number of community members ensure that answers to questions are available 24/7.


  • A few gurus do not have enough experience in the niche.
  • Scammers can make their way inside easily.

Bear Bull Traders

Bear bull traders have a complete chat room with three different schedules that are:

  • Morning (From 8:30 am to 12 pm ET)
  • Afternoon (From 12 pm to 4 pm ET)
  • Special ( Time varies)

In each session different mentors will give you various takes on the current market trends. Trading watch lists of all the moderators are also available. Members also have access to Benzinga breaking news and Squawk box feed. There’s generally a healthy atmosphere for you to discuss and share your trading ideas with others.

Access to the room is for registered subscribers only, with fees starting from $99 a month.


  • Live trading screen is shared all the time while trading the markets
  • A preplanned schedule that makes everything super organized
  • Seven days money-back guarantee


  • You may get confused by the many different angles on the market provided by the different mentors changing every hour. This can be overwhelming for beginners.

Whales Crypto Forex Trading

Most Telegram chat rooms are full of scammers. Whales crypto-forex has a reputation for its authenticity. With membership surpassing 10,000, everyone is encouraged to share their trading ideas and participate in general discussion. The admins also give out signals and update on the outcomes regularly.

Posting media and useless stuff is strictly prohibited, any such activity will get you kicked from the chat. Management keeps its eye out and ensures all the rules are respected.

A VIP channel is also accessible on special request to the moderator and some fees.


  • Easily accessible.
  • A live and active community is available 24/7 to help in trading.
  • No fees for the basic chat.


  • Your questions might get lost as the community is huge
  • Admins do not share their screen during live trading. Delays in executions may lead to you getting in on a position at a worse price.

Dubai Forex and Crypto Club

The Dubai forex and crypto club is another one of the best-known Telegram forex group chats, helping you reach out to fellow traders and make gains together. Dow Jones and the wall street is the admin who shares all his trades and provides updates regularly.

Due to the low member count, the chat can be a bit slow. The group chat maintains its reputation by adhering to its rules and removing any possible scammers that make their way inside.


  • Regular updates on the markets by the moderator.
  • Easy to join, with the only requirement being the Telegram link.


  • It may take admins some time to remove potential fraudsters.
  • Less than 1,500 members.


EnFoid, one of the leading online prop firms, manages SwingFish. Besides general discussions about proprietary companies, there is a regular debate on various market topics each day. The hold my beer channel caters to a spicier company and riskier environment.

The best part about SwingFish is the direct access to their team leader. All questions you might have about trading are answered professionally by him. No signals are available by mentors as traders are encouraged to learn and execute on their own.

Other languages such as Spanish, Dutch, Indian, and Thai are also available. To enjoy the time away from trading, you can chat in channels made especially for leisure activities.


  • A wide range of channels to discuss everything related on and off the subject.
  • Top-quality management ensures members respect all chat rules.
  • News sharing, education material, and market-related content is readily available.


  • The alternate language chats are fairly quiet.

Fx Chat Room

Fx chat room has a lot of members in their group, although very few of their discussions are productive. In some cases, there is no answer to posted questions. The discussion room’s primary strength is in numbers, as the website claims to have over 7,000 members active at any given time.

The admins require email, user id, and date of birth to join them. Easy entry sometimes gives way to tricksters, so be wary of them. You can privately chat with others as well, should you wish.


  • The overall interface of the website and group chat is easy to use.
  • Lots of members are online at a given moment.


  • Unrelated messages with the group are present for a long time.
  • No way to contact the administrators.

Hashtag Investing

Hashtag investing has a separate channel for varying financial market branches, including forex, options, dividend investing, and stocks. You need to be invited to get inside the chat room, where you fill in a questionnaire that tests your knowledge about the industry. This whole process is geared to let only devoted and interested members into the community.

You can access their chat rooms from web/mobile browsers, Android or iOS apps. They’re also integrated with slack so you have a really wide variety of options for getting advice from top traders and chatting with like-minded people.


  • No shady business as they accept members on strict criteria that ensure their community stays healthy.
  • Best for creating polls.
  • Promo codes for other trading services hashtag investing has partnered with.


  • Primarily focuses more on the stock market. Forex traders may feel left out.

Forex Group Chats

How do you select the best forex group chat?

Selecting the best forex group chat can be overwhelming as there are so many options to look through. A few pieces of advice for choosing a forex chat. You can look at how easy/difficult it is for scammers to get into the room. Make sure that everyone is active and pro traders are talking and sharing their tips freely. Other trading tools like a market feed, economic calendar, live rates, and signals are a plus.

Most of the top-tier chat rooms cost an arm and a leg. If you want to save yourself all that headache, keep in mind that free services such as can often provide just as much value as the paid groups.