Top Bitmex Leverage Trading Groups on Telegram

Top Bitmex Leverage Trading Groups on Telegram


Cryptocurrency groups are becoming popular on social media. These groups allow traders to meet with people who share the same interest and ideas with them. They’ve become a safe haven for people to discuss ideas, educate, and communicate with experts. These groups also share trading signals to help improve their members' return on investment.

Bitmex leverage trading groups are no different. They operate by sending signals to the groups, informing you on which currency you should trade and what time you should carry out the trade. This information is based on technical, fundamental, and expert analysis of the market.

With recent events in the crypto market, the demand for quality and trusted Bitmex leverage trading groups online are at an all time high.

Trading the crypto market comes with enormous risk and people want to ensure the quality of signals they are getting are legit. Placing the wrong trade or getting in late after a major swing in the market could be devastating for all parties involved. That's why people look to join telegram channels run by professional traders.

In this article, we will cover the top Bitmex trading groups on telegram, their pros, and their cons. So if you’re worried about picking the right Bitmex Leverage trading group on telegram, then this article is for you.

Let’s start with what telegram is and why it's unique.

What is Telegram And Why is It unique?

Telegram is a used instant messaging app. Although it looks and performs the function of WhatsApp, it has some extra features which have increased its popularity among the crypto communities.

Some of these features which have attracted top Bitmex trading groups to telegram includes:

  • Supergroup features: Unlike WhatsApp, which allows about 256 members to join a group chat or community. Telegram offers a supergroup feature where millions of users can come together to share ideas.
  • Channel features: Another unique feature of the telegram is the channel features. It allows telegram users to broadcast messages to a large community of audiences. It also allows users to subscribe to many channels.
  • Bot features: Telegram also allows users to create bots and automate them to be able to handle many messages reply at once. This allows many channel owners to be able to program automated FAQs for their subscribers.
  • Encrypted chat: All chats on the platform are encrypted. Users can delete messages at a chosen time on both ends, and their privacy is well protected.

And so much more!

Now that we’ve covered the basics of telegram, let’s dive into the top Bitmex leverage trading platform on telegram.

Top Bitmex Leverage Trading Groups on Telegram

Bitmex is a cryptocurrency exchange platform. It performs the same function as binance and allows for easy trading of cryptocurrency pairs. The forum enables users to buy and sell coins in a more exposed market.

Top Bitmex Leverage Trading Groups on Telegram

Here are the Top Bitmex Leverage Trading Groups on Telegram you should know about

Mycryptopedia telegram trading group (MYC)

Mycryptopedia telegram group, also known as MYC signals group, has over 32,000 subscribers on their telegram page.

They pride themselves on being the #1 signal provider for Bitmex and Binance trading platforms. Information and signals provided on Mycryptopedia are reliable and help generate consistent returns.

What Makes MYC Unique

MYC is the only Bitmex leverage trading group that provides refunds to premium members who suffer any loss from relying on their information. They also boast more than 300% returns for their subscribers.

MYC signals group dedicates its time and resources to educate its subscribers about all things crypto. They ensure the information and insights provided in these resources are of high quality – and up to date.

Information such as informative articles, tips of the day, and many more to improve your trade.

Mycryptopedia is devoted to the financial security of its members. They are not a business or telegram group, but a family who look out for one another. You can join their FREE telegram group here!

Why Choose MyCryptopedia

  • They provide educational content created by an expert in the field of cryptocurrency.
  • Their experts provide functional technical analysis.
  • Their signals are reliable, and returns are consistent.
  • They also offer educational and informative commentaries for their subscribers.
Top Bitmex Leverage Trading Groups on Telegram
One of MYC's recent signals which yielded a profit of over 10% in 12 hours!

Altsignal Bitmex Trading Group

The Altsignals is one of the most trusted and recognized telegram channels out there. They provide suitable signals for bitmex and also Binance platforms. Altsignals came into the crypto scene in  December of 2017, so they have experience giving crypto services.

They also help coach their clients and subscribers to be better traders and have better ROI. They provide detailed information of all trades which they perform. Their system is also unique in that novice traders can trade using their signals and still make consistent returns on investment.

Benefits of Choosing Altsignals

  • They provide quality and reliable signals
  • They provide adequate training and coaching to their subscribers.
  • They provide adequate market analysis.


Cointelegraph is a leading digital media company with a core focus on blockchain technology, fintech, crypto assets, and many more. They were formed in 2013 and have since grown to become one of the biggest crypto platforms in the world.

The Cointelegraph telegram group has over 138000 subscribers on their page. Also, they are one of the most popular platforms. They also provide trading analysis, crypto market news, informative materials and articles, and many others. They are prompt to update their information and are a very active group.

Cointelegraph is made up of a passionate team that delivers quality information, market news, technical analysis, expert opinion, and other things which will improve your crypto experience. They believe that the crypto world is growing and will become a part of our daily activities.

Benefits of Choosing Cointelegraph

  • Expert opinion.
  • Relevant and reliable news stories.
  • Reliable market analysis.

ICO Speak

The “ICO speak” is an online community with about 65,000 subscribers on telegram. They provide services on blockchain information and to crypto-oriented people interested in upgrading their skills in the crypto market. ICO SPEAK is dedicated to educating and inspiring crypto traders all over the world.

“IOC speak” offers two telegram channels to subscribers. One is a feed to get the latest market news and other materials. The other is a community where traders can interact, share signals and make consistent returns.

Benefits of Choosing ICO Speak

  • Free access to market feeds
  • Large community
  • Expert opinions.

Bob's Bitmex Signals

This telegram trading community provides its subscribers with direct access to bob. Bob is an expert on cryptocurrency and anything crypto. He offers to educate and coach his subscribers on the subject. Bob also provides signals to his subscribers to trade with.

Bob's Bitmex channel provides daily updates about what cryptocurrency pairs to trade, when, and how.  The channel also uses cornix to make it easy for its subscribers to trade on the telegram platforms.

Novice can also start trading on bob's channel using Bob's signals which are reliable and deliver consistent ROI.

Benefits of Choosing Bob's Bitmex Signal

  • Direct access to a professional.
  • It makes use of a cornix, which makes trading easy.
  • It provides online training and coaching.


Coingape-crypto is new relative to the other platforms but has generated a large following of about 23,000 subscribers from all over the world. It’s a news platform dedicated to providing quality market feeds and updates about blockchain and other crypto-related issues.

They cover real news such as new development in blockchain, regulations and laws about crypto, upcoming events, price analysis, and other quality services.

In addition to their quality news feeds, they are managed by experts in crypto and crypto-related issues and ready to offer their subscribers professional and expert opinions.

Benefits of Choosing Coinpage Crypto

  • UpToDate crypto news
  • Large online presence


Whalepool is a cryptocurrency community with over 15,000 subscribers worldwide. Their primary specialty is crypto trading and related discussion.  They focus on trying to bring many traders together to trade and discuss their trades.  If you are a crypto trader and looking to rub minds with fellow traders, then whale pool is for you.

One of the unique benefits of this group is that young traders can connect to experienced traders and up their trading skills. It also allows traders to clarify issues, ask questions and get market analysis that is helpful to their trade.

Benefits of Choosing Whalepool

  • Trading focused discussion and interaction.
  • Latest market news.
  • Market analysis by experts.


Bitcoinist, also known as BitcoinistNews, is an online crypto community with over 9000 followers on telegram. Their primary focus includes cryptocurrency, the financial market, and blockchain.

Besides, the community offers quality educational and informative material to its users. They also provide helpful market analysis to subscribers and signals.

Benefits of Choosing Bitcoinist

  • They provide educational articles.
  • They give quality market research and analysis.
  • They provide reliable market feeds.

Verified Crypto-Traders

The platform offers leverage for its subscribers to trade cryptocurrency. Verified Crypto trader provide unique services to their subscribers in the form of Gold and Silver subscription. The two services come with different features and are usually purchased at $999 and $1299.

Subscribers may need to upgrade their package to be able to receive some signals. While this group is expensive, their signals and information are reliable.

Benefits of Choosing Verified Crypto-Traders

  • Its packages are upgradable.
  • They provide reliable signals.
  • They offer educational materials.
  • They offer Market analysis


Crypto signals are one of the top Bitmex trading channels on telegram. They have a team full of professionals who are experts at offering the most advanced and reliable signals to their subscribers.

The CryptoSignals team is experienced with over 5 years of crypto trading under their belt. So you can trust their expertise and professionalism to give you the best signal available. They provide a monthly Roi of 10-15% through advanced trading solutions.

They will also share signals that adapt to your need and platform, be it bitmex or binance, so you don't need to worry.

Benefits of Choosing CryptoSignals

  • They provide a trading bot known as Cornix.
  • They provide a consistent Roi of up to 10-15%.
  • They have over 5 years of expertise in the crypto market.

Margin Whales

Margin whales is a popular BitMEX trading group on telegram with more than 48000 subscribers. They provide high-quality signals to their subscribers to help them trade and produce consistent ROI.

They provide their subscribers' information like when to buy, what price to trade, and when to close a trade. Also, they will help you to optimize your trading strategies.


These Bitmex leverage trading groups on telegram have unique features which they offer to their subscribers. The listed telegram groups provide specific services that appeal to different subscribers.

Mycryptopedia is regarded as the #1 signal provider for bitmex and binance trading platform on telegram. They provide consistent and reliable market analysis, and also offer refunds to premium subscribers. These features set them apart and make them unique from other telegram groups.

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