Top Performing Crypto Futures Signals Groups

Top Performing Crypto Futures Signals Groups

What are Crypto Signals?

As the popularity of crypto trading grew in the past couple of years, so did the need for accurate crypto trading signals. This has been further compounded by the economic disruptions brought about by COVID-19. Everyone is looking for ways to earn passive income without spending hours analysing markets and studying crypto charts. This is where crypto signals come in.

Crypto signals are instructions telling you the price at which to enter and exit a trade. Here are the elements included in a crypto trading signal:

  1. The cryptocurrency pair to trade.
  2. Whether to buy (go long) or sell (short) the specified pair
  3. The entry price
  4. The exit prices. These include the take profit price and the stop-loss price. They are important to ensure your profit is secured in a volatile market and your downside limited.
  5. The recommended leverage

Note that not all crypto signals have the recommended leverage. Typically, these signals are sent electronically, with Telegram being the most popular media. Here's an example of how a crypto signal looks like.


Top Performing Crypto Signals

In this article, we will review the top performing crypto signals in the market today. The accuracy of the signals provided is one of the major factors we took into account; we made sure to confirm that their performance has been consistent over time.

However, although the performance and accuracy of these signals are important, you must consider other factors about the signal provider. These factors include the customer support afforded to you, the availability of educational material, and the insurance policy available. Based on these factors, here's our list of the top-performing crypto signals.

  1. MYC Signals

MYC Signals has been around since 2017 and is powered by Mycryptopedia – a crypto trading educational website. They are headquartered in Australia with traders in London.

Key Features

  • MYC Signals has a 24/7 support team ensuring that both paying clients and prospective clients around the globe are attended to at all time
  • MYC Signals provide all their clients and prospective clients with educational content and tutorials
  • They have Telegram channels dedicated to Binance Futures and Bybit & BitMex futures. Note that you can use their signals to trade on any crypto futures platform
  • They release up to 30 signals a month, including on weekends. The trading team focuses on sending only quality signals
  • Money-back guarantee within the first seven days, and pro-rated refund within 21 days if you are dissatisfied with their signals
  • MYC Signals is compatible with Cornix auto trader
  • Signals are sent between 9 AM and 9 PM London time

MYC Signals Performance

MYC Signals has had over 80% accuracy over their trading history. They have a free Telegram channel where they forward the results from their VIP groups, weekly updates and market analyses.

MYC Signals Cost

You can choose from one of these packages to join MYC's VIP crypto futures group;

1 Month: $120

3 Months: $300

Lifetime: $1500

For a trial period, MYC offers a 14-day VIP membership for $60. You can pay with crypto, PayPal, or with a card.

  1. 4C Trading

4C Trading started in 2019 and provides a holistic approach to crypto traders with a combination of signals and trading bots. They are headquartered in Belgium.

4C Trading Key Features

  • Their signals are issued from Binance and Bittrex
  • 24/7 customer support team in both English and French
  • Trading signals are generated by trading bots, dubbed SMART Bots. This allows users in different time zones to trade 24/7
  • Offers a 7-day free trial for their SMART Bots. This helps users understand their functionality before subscribing
  • They have no refund policies
  • They have a Telegram community channel
  • Offers both free and paid trading courses

4C Trading Performance

On average 4C Trading generates about 76% profits in a month and provide 2 – 3 signals per day.

4C Trading Cost

Their pricing is packaged as 3-Month, 6-Month, or 12-Month subscription and is designed as Beginner, Advanced, and Expert Packages.

For the 3-month subscription, the monthly cost for the Beginner Package costs $70, $140 for Advanced, and $220 for the Expert.

For the 6-month subscription, the monthly cost for the Beginner Package costs $65, $130 for Advanced, and $200 for the Expert.

For the 6-month subscription, the monthly cost for the Beginner Package costs $60, $120 for Advanced, and $180 for the Expert.

  1. Verified Crypto Traders

Verified Crypto Traders stand out from the rest of crypto futures signal providers because they are registered with the Chamber of Commerce of the Netherlands. This makes it the only signal provider registered within a legal framework.

Verified Crypto Traders Features

  • The signals are primarily from Binance and BitMEX
  • 24/7 support team
  • Signals are generated by a team of traders spread across the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, the UK, and the US
  • They provide weekly video updates regarding their trades and technical analyses
  • They provide online crypto trading courses, webinars, and training
  • Sends out detailed reviews to members regarding the most promising ICOs
  • Free proprietary trading bot for every package

Verified Crypto Traders Performance

They have a dedicated Telegram channel where they publish their monthly trading results. On average, they have a return of about 98%. Their published results are transparent and can be tracked with the Cornix audit log.

Verified Crypto Traders Cost

1 month: $99

3 months: $270

6 months: $540

12 months: $999

Note that the services provided are the same for all payment plans.

  1. AltSignals

AltSignals has been around since 2017 and offers Binance and BitMEX crypto futures.

Key Features

  • Scalping for Binance and BitMEX
  • Proprietary AltAlgo Trading indicator on TradingView
  • Compatible with Cornix auto trader
  • 24/7 support team in multiple languages
  • Signals are sent between 09:00 to 17:00 GMT

AltSignals Performance

Members can generate a monthly average return of 70%. AltSignals send about 30 signals a month with about 90% accuracy.

AltSignals Cost

AltSignals offers monthly, quarterly, and lifetime membership plans, which users can pay with either crypto or credit cards.

Monthly Plan: $136 or 0.02 BTC

Quarterly Plan: 0.007 BTC

Lifetime Plan: $1232 or 0.021 BTC

  1. Chartcrushers

Formerly known as Bob's Signals, Chartcrushers began operations in 2018, and they are more than just a signals provider. They pride themselves on their coaching and community, creating a safe space for members to grow and develop through collaboration and camaraderie.

Key Features

  • 24/7 customer support with up to 20 minutes wait period
  • They provide both group and private coaching on request
  • Signals are generated by a team of traders primarily on Binance futures
  • Compatible with Cornix auto trader
  • They provide educational content in video, podcasts, and PDFs.
  • Trades are mid to long-term

Chartcrushers Performance

They have an average monthly return of 93% with a roughly 87% signal accuracy. The team heavily emphasises capital protection.

Chartcrushers Cost

1-month membership: $100

3-month membership: $275

6-month membership: $500

12-month membership: $800

Lifetime membership: $1500

Crusher trading course: $100

Guide to risk management: $25

  1. Whaletank

Started in 2017, Whaletank prides itself in providing its members with safety in the volatile and confusing crypto trading environment.

Key Features

  • Signals are based on thorough quantitative and qualitative analyses
  • 24/7 customer support with an average response time of up to 2 hours
  • Open telegram chat for the members to share their crypto trading knowledge
  • They have a “Whalefolio”, which is a visual representation of the signals and help users break down the size of their portfolio to invest in a specific trade.
  • A risk calculator designed for BitMEX. This helps users allocate the optimal percentage of their account balance to a particular trade
  • A free Telegram channel where they send fewer signals to members

Whaletank Performance

Whaletank signals have a 90% accuracy with average weekly returns of 15%.

Whaletank Cost

They have three subscription plans which can only be paid in BTC.

Gold Plan (2 months): 0.01 BTC

Platinum Plan (6 months): 0.02 BTC

Diamond Plan (24 months): 0.05 BTC

  1. Sublimetraders

Started in May 2020, Sublimetraders has grown into one of the most reputable crypto signals providers for Binance, BitMEX, and Bitfinex.

Key Features

  • They have a SublimeScanner – a proprietary market scanner that identifies ideal entry levels. It utilises several quantitative indicators to filter out mediocre and false entries
  • Traders then curate these signals, and only the most viable are sent out to the VIP group
  • All signals are accompanied by the technical analysis used to generate them
  • 24/7 support team for English and French speakers
  • Members have access to a vast library of trading books, technical analysis tutorials and educational content, TradingView scripts, and a scalping channel
  • Compatible with Cornix
  • A scalping channel where the signals directly from the SublimeScanner are posted.

Sublimetraders Performance

They have an average monthly return of 75% in the futures market. Typically, they do not guarantee the number of signals sent, but it averages 25 in a month.

Sublimetraders Cost

1 month: $89

3 months: $213

1 year: $640

  1. AlphaTradeZone

AlphaTradeZone was founded in 2017 with the goal of helping its members discover crypto markets and educate them. The signals are primarily for Binance and Bybit.

Key Features

  • They operate primarily on Discord
  • Trading signals are sent 24/7 and are generated by a trading team
  • 24/7 support team fluent in English and German
  • VIP members have free access to all AlphaTradeZone scripts and indicators
  • Auto trading with the Proprietary Alpha Premium Bot
  • Educational content, mentorship, and real-time crypto news for VIP members
  • Open group for VIP members to share knowledge and trading ideas
  • Strict risk management strategy for every trade to ensure consistent profits

AlphaTradeZone Performance

Traders can generate monthly returns of up to 75%. They send up to 40 signals a month and are 95% accurate.

AlphaTradeZone Cost

They only accept payment in BTC for their premium membership

Monthly plan: 0.009 BTC

3-month Plan: 0.024 BTC

Lifetime Plan: 0.14 BTC

Crypto Trading and Investment Courses: $147

  1. Chart Kitchen

Founded in March 2020, Chart Kitchen is one of the newest crypto futures signal providers. With a team of long-time professional traders, Chart Kitchen has had a consistently profitable track record

Key Features

  • Operates primarily on Discord
  • Signals are generated from Binance and Bittrex
  • They offer trading education for new and advanced traders
  • 24/7 support team on Discord with an average response time of up to one hour
  • Regular newsletters with market updates and research, special deals, and top project picks

Chart Kitchen Performance

The average monthly return is 78%, with a 96% signal accuracy.

Chart Kitchen Cost

Users can pay for membership with crypto or PayPal.

Monthly Membership: $107.95

3-month Membership: $269.95

6-month Membership: $485.98

  1. Signals Blue

Started in 2018, Signals Blue is a relatively young signal provider with an impressive performance track record.

Key Features

  • Their signals are compatible with Binance, Coinbase, Bittrex, KuCoin and Bitmex; however, they emphasise more on their clients using Binance
  • Compatible with Cornix auto trader, but developers can use a dedicated API
  • Advanced traders can receive signals via Webhook or JSON.
  • An AI generates signals as opposed to active traders who monitor the markets
  • Each user has a dedicated Telegram channel which helps detect which users duplicate their signals to third parties

Signals Blue Performance

Since its inception, Signals Blue has had a monthly accuracy of about 85%. However, they only provide prompt support services to paying clients only.

Signals Blue Cost

Signals Blue doesn't have a free Telegram channel. The cost for their premium group is;

1 month: £229.99

6 months: £449.99

Lifetime: £899.99

Note that you can only pay with crypto via Coinbase Commerce.

Bottom Line

Not every trader in the crypto market has insights of a pro trader. Still, with crypto futures signals groups, you can benefit from professional traders' insights and technical expertise. Although past performance is not a foolproof guarantee of future performance, the crypto futures signals groups we have reviewed here have been consistent in generating returns.